Nuturing Therapy, Life Changing Therapy

♦  Do you want closer, more intimate relationships?
♦  Are you struggling with depression or anxiety?
♦  Do you ever wonder, "What do I do now?"
When you are struggling with depression, anxiety or difficulties in relationships you may want to experience relief or positive change in your life but don’t quite know what to do.

It may be a good time to talk things over with a professional who understands what you are going through and can teach you practical tools to use to create desired changes in your life.

Therapy can often serve to identify the barriers to happiness and emotional well-being. Simply identifying the beliefs and practices at the center of any emotional turmoil can empower you to begin living a life that you deserve. I work with individuals and couples to get to the core of their issues so that they can start leading happier lives today!

Please call for a free 30-minute consultation at: 510-845-0548 or e-mail to

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