Relationships for Couples

• Has your relationship been living up to your expectations?
• Are you continually struggling with the same issues?
• Are you wondering where all the good feelings have gone?

I understand your struggle. And there is probably nothing wrong with you or your partner. The fact is that a healthy, satisfying long-lasting relationship is just not that easy to create. Few of us grew up in the environment of truly healthy relationship, so how do we come to believe that we should know how to create one for ourselves.

The following challenges are all too common in relationships:

* never-ending struggles about money, sex, parenting, etc.

* feeling disconnected from your partner, which may mean not heard, not appreciated or not respected

* simple disagreements that quickly escalate into criticism, judgements, and long term damage to the relationship

* having difficulty keeping “ the spark” and passion alive

* new difficulties and tension as a result of a life-transition (loss of a job, a new job, moving to a new home)

After many years of working with couples I know that it is possible to create the truly loving partnership that you are dreaming about. Let me demystify the process for you and teach you what you need to focus on to make your relationship a success. Some common initial goals are:

* improving communication so that you can hear your partner and experience being heard by your partner

* learning how to manage differences and disagreements without attacking or withdrawing

* shifting from protecting yourself to connecting with your partner

* reigniting the passion and bringing romance back into your relationship

* negotiating life transitions while staying connected to your partner and becoming closer in the process

* maintaining each partner’s self-esteem and self-respect (bring your strength to the relationship, gain new strength from the relationship)